• The Torah places special emphasis on widows and orphans.

    Which is why they are our #1 priority

Widows and Orphans

Colel Chabad takes a holistic approach to the needs of widows and orphans. Food? Of course. But also Big Brother and Sister programs, private tutoring, music lessons, psychotherapy, Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations, subsidized weddings, separate weekend retreats for mothers and children -- nothing is overlooked because when there's no father someone has to step up to the plate.

Chesed Menachem Mendel
Orphan Intervention

Chesed Menachem Mendel is the first program ever designed to help fatherless children succeed socially and academically through individualized intervention, mentoring and... learn more

Mass Bar & Bat Mitzvah

Every year Colel Chabad organizes a huge Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebration in Jerusalem for orphaned boys and girls, making their big day one to remember. We cover everything from Tefillin to photographers. The joy is priceless... learn more

Weddings for Orphans

Each year Colel Chabad enables hundreds of orphaned young couples to enjoy beautiful weddings at our two grand wedding halls in Jerusalem, while elsewhere in Israel we subsidize the wedding celebrations of such couples in local venues... learn more

Retreats for Widows

Twice a year Colel Chabad treats widowed mothers to an all-expenses paid vacation retreat where they enjoy delicious food and relaxing activities, while  unwinding in the company of hundreds of other mothers in similar situations... learn more