• Young couples dream of their wedding night.

    For orphans, that dream is often a nightmare.

Weddings for Orphaned Brides and Grooms

For poor families, planning a wedding is terrifying.  The cost of even the most modest affair can leave them with crushing debt.

It’s even more devastating when the bride and groom are orphans.

Colel Chabad helps poor brides and grooms get married. But for those who are also bereft of their parents, we go all out.  Through our Keren Simchas Moshe we cover the entire wedding from soup to nuts. Plus, we set the newlyweds up with furniture, linens, dishes, pots and pans.

Hachnosas Kallah – helping a poor bride get married – is a time-honored mitzvah.  But when the bride or groom are orphans, it’s not just a mitzvah, it’s an obligation.