• Addressing a range of niche needs that are often ignored

Special & Seasonal Services

How do the poor heat their homes? Who helps a new immigrant get started? How does an orphan afford a wedding? Who remembers the children languishing in hospitals on Chanukah? Who looks out for poor unsupervised kids on the hot summer streets?

Weddings for the needy

We make it possible for poor couples to celebrate their special day without being saddled with insurmountable debt... learn more

Immigrant Programs

Language programs, vocational training, assistance with housing and employment, help with schooling for children, special programs for senior citizens -- all of this and more are part of Colel Chabad's comprehensive services to new immigrants. learn more

Home Heating

Israeli homes are not built with central heating. And the concrete and cinderblock construction turns them into winter iceboxes. Colel Chabad provides home heating for Israel's poorest families. learn more

Hospital Programs for children 

Colel Chabad has two critically important programs for hospitalized children. The first is Chanukah, when Colel Chabad.... learn more

Summer Camps

The most dangerous time for a fatherless child, or any child from an impoverished or dysfunctional family.... learn more

Interest-Free Loans

Sometimes the difference between chronic dependency and economic independence is nothing more than an affordable loan. And no loan is more affordable than an interest-free loan from Colel Chabad to help acquire new skills, open a small business, or simply set up a new home for a poor young couple. learn more


Who will be the future leaders of the Jewish communities in the former Soviet Union? Who will be the teachers, the rabbis, the social workers? Colel Chabad makes sure the most talented... learn more