• Nutrition is our
    number one priority.

    Because no child, no senior citizen, no new immigrant, no man or woman who is down on their luck should ever go hungry.

Soup Kitchens

United Soup Kitchens – a network of 22 beautiful free restaurants – is the very heart and soul of Colel Chabad food operations in Israel.

Here every dinner is served graciously but there are no checks and no cash registers. The guests are all indigent men and women who are down at the heels and down on their luck. Many are aged Holocaust survivors who come as much for the warm smile and human contact as they do for the fresh, hot and very delicious full-course meals.

As Israel’s largest network of free dining establishments, United Soup Kitchens serves over a million meals annually both on premises and through a sophisticated ‘Meals-on-Wheels’ program for those who are too infirm or too proud to show up in person.  The network operates 365 days a year, because poverty and hunger do not take vacation days.

Although questions are never asked, regular guests are sensitively approached by a Colel Chabad social worker to see if they need any additional help.

Soup Kitchen locations:
Arad Ashdod Ashkelon  Bait V'Gan  Be'er Sheva Beit Shemesh Dimona Holon Jerusalem Lod Ramla Tzfat Yerucham