• Dedicated Prayer for
    Health and Personal Issue

When it comes to food and material assistance, Colel Chabad’s exclusive focus is on Israeli’s neediest households, widows and orphans. 

However, when it is a matter of an emotional or medical crisis, Colel Chabad extends its embrace to anyone and everyone.

Indeed, since its very inception, Colel Chabad has provided dedicated personal prayer services for Jews in distress world-wide. 

These prayers are recited at the Tomb of King David in Jerusalem by a quorum of devout rabbis and scholars.  While there is never a fee for this service, any donations made by the supplicants is allocated exclusively to Colel Chabad’s core activity of feeding the indigent. 

This is based on the core Jewish belief that Repentance, Prayer and Charity have the power to cancel negative decrees.

Please recite the following prayer:

A joyous occasion
Recovery from illness
(Refuah Sheleimah)
Help with a personal crisis
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