• Some people bring their own salt water to the Seder

At the Passover Seder we invite all who are hungry to come and eat. We say it in Aramaic. Maybe so that the poor shouldn't understand.

This year, over 800,000 Israelis -- from lonely widows to orphaned children -- are facing a miserable Passover. Imagine how they feel with no possibility of a decent Seder dinner.

Passover is all about miracles. About how we were once slaves, but now we're free. What a cruel joke when the wallet and the refrigerator are empty.

Since 1788 Colel Chabad has been rescuing the Seders of Israel's poorest. With your help -- and only with your help -- we can do it this year too.

Don't pass over this opportunity to keep your Seder promise. Give now. Give generously. Over 800,000 kids are counting on YOU!

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