• Dental care,
    degenerative diseases
    chronic care --

    Colel Chabad fills the gaps for Israel's poor.

Medical Services

Israel offers outstanding medical care to all its citizens. Dental care, however, is not included for all. While young children are now getting free basic dental care, the vast majority of Israelis are on their own. Likewise, victims of Multiple Sclerosis and other degenerative illnesses have had no dedicated in/outpatient facility. Colel Chabad stepped into the breach by creating pediatric dental clinics for the poor, and building the first MS Center in Migdal HaEmek and a second one in Jerusalem.

Dental Clinics

Thousands of poor and near poor Israelis are finally able to get cutting-edge dental care thanks to Colel Chabad's dental clinics... learn more

The Finger Residence Hall

Colel Chabad’s Finger Center in Jerusalem, is at the global forefront of therapy and rehabilitation for victims of Multiple Sclerosis, CP, and other degenerative neurological disorders... learn more

Grabski Medical Center

Colel Chabad's Grabski Medical Center in Safed is a full service medical clinic providing primary care for families in one of Israel's poorest cities with a huge juvenile population... learn more

Multiple Sclerosis Centers

Colel Chabad's Multiple Sclerosis center in Migdal HaEmek is being emulated worldwide for its groundbreaking therapies for victims of this terrible, chronic malady... learn more