• The Torah places special emphasis on widows and orphans.

    Which is why they are our #1 priority

Mass Bar & Bat Mitzvah

Every year, Colel Chabad sponsors a mass Bar/Bat Mitzvah for children who have lost a father or mother. Each of these events is in fact a multitude of intimate Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations for hundreds of orphaned children and their families.

At the culminating ceremony each Bar Mitzvah boy receives a new pair of Tefillin, and each Bat Mitzvah girl is presented with a beautiful Bat Mitzvah gift.

Following the ceremony, a joyous full-course banquet with live music and dancing takes place, with the participation of their families and close friends. Professional photographers are on hand to create a dedicated souvenir album for each child.

They are also honored by the presence of major rabbinic and civic leaders who bring greetings, blessings and the love of the entire nation.