• Colel Chabad is the chief driver of Israel's National Food Security Initiative

    a program that impacts on the lives of thousands households seeking to emerge from the cycle of poverty.

Israel's National Food Security Initiative

The majority of people who require food assistance are motivated to turn their lives around, if given the tools needed to make this possible.

The idea behind the Food Security Initiative is to provide the jump-start needed to liberate these people from chronic dependency.

That is the vision to which we are committed on a daily basis.

The following is a true - and not atypical - story about a woman who received aid from Colel Chabad. When she was first handed a debit card for essential food purchases, she expressed a wish to open a sweet dessert business:

We set her up with a Colel Chabad employment coordinator who helped her design a business card with which to market her talents and support her family.

This woman began to find work preparing beautiful and delicious pralines and desserts. She is now well on her way to full economic independence. And all this because Colel Chabad was prepared to invest in someone at a time when they needed that vote of confidence.

This story reflects our firm belief that meaningful support is not just about giving, it is about caring. If we only handed out food, our clients would just keep returning with outstretched hands while remaining in that downward cycle of poverty. By letting them know that we are invested in their success, they feel secure enough to build better and more independent lives.

We are blessed to be helping so many families develop a strategy of confidence leading to a lifetime of independence. Colel Chabad is grateful to have this opportunity, and thankful to our partners – people like you – who enable us change so many lives every day.