• A growing network
    of daycare centers

    means love for the children and peace of mind for their working moms.

Daycare & Children At-Risk

Children of poor working parents, especially single mothers, are a primary concern of Colel Chabad. The youngest of these are cared for and nurtured at Colel Chabad’s growing network of beautiful airy and loving daycare centers.  For older kids, we provide afternoon programs and Big Brothers and Sisters to make sure they never fall through the cracks.

Daycare Centers

Daycare for infants and toddlers is critical for young widows and poor working mothers who need quality care for their children... learn more

Big Brother/Big Sister

Children and adolescents of poor working parents need someone who look out for them, making sure they stay safe and do well in school... learn more

After School Programs

Children ages 6-12 who are at risk either because of dysfunctional home life, issues with peer socialization, or serious challenges with schoolwork are referred by government agencies to one of Colel Chabad's three after school centers... learn more